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Middlesex County Deputy Sheriffs Association
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New Benefits

New Benefits for Active Association Members:
There have been significant increases in accidental death benefits for members who’s dues is paid and up to date.
These new benefits became effective on May 1, 2008 and represents a 50% increase in coverage for dues paid members of the Middlesex Deputy Sheriffs’ Association. The new benefit relates to heart and circulatory malfunctions. This benefit is similar to the new provisions of the Federal Public Safety Officer’s Benefit. These new benefits represent the dedication of the leadership of your organization to its members.

This past year, the membership has been truly rewarding for the Association. We have increased our membership and have re-examined how to put our strength forward to benefit the law enforcement community. The old saying “there is strength in numbers” is certainly true. History has shown that our government at the national and local levels pays special attention to membership groups. That is just one of the reasons why being a part of this association is so important to our members.

Over the past year we have exerted our strengths in positive ways and have won many important battles actively lobbying our elected officials on issues that are important to us as active duty and reserve officers. We organized social events throughout the year for the enjoyment of our members. Our annual golf tournament was cancelled largely due to poor attendance/registration we are sure due to the economy. This affected funds available for scholarships and other donations. Regardless, we were still able to awarded scholarships to our member’s children, a well-deserved group of high school graduates. We bonded together at our swearing in ceremonies, our families and numerous dignitaries joined in recognizing the outstanding achievements of our members. We reaffirmed our vows and readied our members for this years activities.

In closing, may the good Lord keep you and your family healthy and safe in the year to come!

Earn credit toward volunteer requirement

Earn credit towards your mandatory 8 hours per year volunteer Requirement:
Help needed with publishing the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association Guardian Newsletter. As many of you are aware, the Guardian Newsletter is our Association’s primary means of communicating to our members. We would like to release an issue at least quarterly. The lack of resources in 2009 prevented this from happening. We are in dire need of writer’s or editors to assist.

There are no special design or application skills required, if you own a computer have email or MS Word skills is all we are looking for. The design and the “artsy” portion can be done by someone else.

Middlesex County Deputy Sheriffs Association Inc.
35 Center Street
Burlington, MA 01803
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